Tackling Tomorrow Today

We live in an interesting time, to say the least. Daunting might be closer to the truth.

Indeed, as we count down to 2020, those who care about the future—about their children and about their children’s children—are taking stock of the trajectory that we find ourselves hurtling down.

If we want a better future now, we have to tackle tomorrow today.

 And we do so armed with the unblushing promises of God. For the God of the rainbow and the God of the cross is well able to perfect that which concerns us.


Women in Ministry & Leadership


Jesus envisioned a prevailing people; a Kingdom-advancing, society-changing force of nature.

Too often, this is not the case. As countless numbers of believers trickle home after the conclusion of innumerable numbers of prayer meetings, worship services, revival conferences and teaching seminars, there’s barely a ripple registered in society to show for it.

Having worked in several different countries with a team of missional church-planters over the last two decades (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand), I’ve had to come to terms with some sobering realities.

While it appears that the Christian faith continues to make significant strides in Third World nations, its impact and efficacy in First World nations is waning; in some ways, drastically so. And this decline gathers momentum despite many good, sincere leaders guiding the church through paradigm-breaking innovation, renovation and transformation of ministry methods, strategies, and approaches. And yes, these efforts are usually backed by much earnest prayer and fasting. Still, First World culture remains largely numb to our efforts; in fact, it seems society is growing increasingly hostile to it.

The purpose of this website is an attempt to confront the disparity between what Jesus envisioned and the state of much of First World Christendom by reconnecting with the Heart of God and the Message of Jesus.

On the on hand, we tackle the mega shifts required to re-engage with the Heart and Mind of God. On the other hand, we sift through the messy dogma that has largely muddied the water (and in some cases, may have poisoned it) in an attempt to re-engage with the Message and Mission of Jesus.

I can only assure you of one thing. This will make you think.

(Kicking and screaming are distinct possibilities, too.)

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