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3 Ways to Download Your Resources

Option 1: Your Order Received Page

Order Received Page
After you’ve paid via Paypal, select return to the Seller’s Website and you’ll be redirected to the above “Order received” page.
Click the download link as indicated above.

Option 2: Your My Account Page

Order Received Page
Alternatively, go to your My Account page and select the Downloads tab.
Click the download link as indicated above.

Option 3: Your Email Notification

Email Notification
Or you could simply click the download link in the email notification sent to you.
If you didn’t get an email notification, please check your spambox.

Please Note:

You can use any one of the three options above to download your resources. Remember, we allow you to download the resources twice (say, should you want to download the resources onto two devices), but the link expires in five days from purchase. These limitations are put in place to protect the copyright on the resources. Thank you for your understanding.