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The Existence of God

Some never struggle with the existence of God. While they may have questions or doubts about His nature or His ways, they don’t doubt His reality. Others are less confident and struggle with this issue.

If this describes you, I’ve presented the brilliant videos from Reasonable Faith below with you in mind. While these videos won’t necessarily settle all doubts, they are helpful in providing logical and intelligent reasons for God’s existence. Together, they make a substantial case for belief.

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe Reveals a Designer

(The Teleological Argument)

Objective Moral Values Reveal a Moral Giver

(The Moral Argument)

Everything that Exists Has a Causer

(The Cosmological Argument)

Part 1: Scientific

Part 2: Philosophical

Everything that Exists Has an Explanation

(The Contingency Argument)

Logic Confirms the Existence of God

(The Ontological Argument)

Mathematics Speaks to the Existence of God

Do Suffering and Evil Undermine God’s Existence?

(The Problem of Suffering & Evil)

Part 1: The Logical Version

Part 2: The Probability Version

The Historicity of Jesus

It goes without saying that the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus are central to the Christian faith.

If Jesus was a historical person and claimed to be God incarnate … and then backed these claims up by rising from the dead, we would have further confidence, not just in the existence of God, but in His unfailing love for us.

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Part 1: The Facts

Part 2: The Explanation