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Living at the Edge of Time?

Overcoming End Times Mania through a Hopeful Eschatology
Read a sample of the book here.
Read a sample of the book here.

In this book, we look at why the Gospel of the Kingdom produces a hopeful eschatology, one that imparts faith, not fear—stirring catalytic hope, not fatalistic despair.

In contrast to the popular dispensationalist view that obsesses fatalistically over a timeline of end-time events and deteriorating affairs on the world stage, the Message of Jesus focuses single-mindedly on the advance of the Kingdom of God as the pivotal factor in a hopeful eschatology.

End times mania has paralysed so much of modern Christianity with fear and confusion. Not only has it stilted our initiative and blinded us to our Kingdom mandate, it has also spurned a mindset susceptible to paranoia and conspiracy theories.

Jesus is not coming to bail out a defeated church barely holding out against the rampant flood of evil.

Jesus’ coming will consummate the rising tide of righteousness established through a prevailing church undistracted and undeterred by global events.

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