Mega shifts address foundational thinking; the way we conceive, perceive and ultimately believe. The Internet is an example of a global societal mega shift. Our thinking and use of information is fundamentally different because of this shift.

To re-engage with the Heart and Mind of God, there are at least three mega shifts required. However, before we can think differently, the heart needs its own reawakening. We’re after more than just an intellectual exercise.

The Heart of the Matter

We will never know who we are until we know whose we are.

Our sense of identity is informed by the nature of God. A revelation of God’s character shapes our understanding of our personal and collective mission on this planet.

While this may well sound obvious, the reality remains that many believers attempt to construct a life of faith based on a partial (or distorted) picture of God. And most do so because they have yet to grasp the foundational revelation Jesus came to give us.

God is not first and foremost a Creator, Lord, Provider, Saviour or Friend. Anchored solely in any one of these valid-yet-interdependent revelations results in a distortion of His nature and an out-of-sync life of faith. Jesus came to reveal God first and foremost as a Father.

We are only as strong as our concept of God. For His nature informs our identity.

Article (PDF):

The Father-heart of God


Mega Shift #1

Gospel of the Church  »  Gospel of the Kingdom

Jesus defined the Gospel as the Kingdom of God.

The Gospel is not primarily about “forgiveness from sin,” “going to heaven,” “being part of a church” or “using spiritual gifts”. Without question, these are utterly glorious, mind-blowing blessings of the Gospel. However, they are not the Gospel itself.

While Christendom has too often settled for the “gospel of salvation” or the “gospel of the church,” Jesus emphatically declared His good news as an entirely new reality. A comprehensively new way of thinking and living; a totally different “regime” that trumps everything we ever knew; a wholly new “economy” that calls us to defect from every sin and system (religious and secular) and to partner with God in advancing His Kingdom, actively aligning earth with heaven.

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What is a Kingdom-shaped church?
The King’s Speech

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Mega Shift #2

Greek Mentality » Hebrew Mindset

The New Testament is Hebrew thought in Greek language.

The writers of the New Testament wrote from a Hebrew worldview, using the common street language of the day (Koine Greek). Their words resonate with the Hebrew values instilled through God’s revelation in the Old Testament Scriptures (i.e. the way God thinks). Today, we read these words conditioned by a worldview formulated by classical Greek philosophy (i.e. the way Plato, Socrates and Aristotle thought).

Unless we grasp the Hebrew Mindset (God’s ways), we will continue to read the Scriptures with tainted lenses. We run the risk of importing human philosophy (smart, effective, and trendy though it might be) into our reading and interpretation of Scripture.


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Mega Shift #3

Pastoral Construct  »  Missional Wineskin

God’s people are called to be a missional people.

(If we merely sit and soak, we sour and spoil.)

Today’s church is largely constructed on a pastoral construct and thus unintentionally, we major on “containing and maintaining”. At our worst, it deteriorates into institutional “control and manipulation”. Although it may be harsh to say it this way, too often the success of the church is measured by the ABCs: attendance, buildings and cash flow.

God’s people are a sent people, a fluid, dynamic, moving organism that affects society like salt and light. After all, two-thirds of God’s name is “go.”

What’s more, Jesus left us not one, but five versions of the Great Commission—in case, we missed it the first four times. Whether this means we cross the seas or cross a street, whether it takes us around the globe or around the block, we’re commissioned into every neighbourhood, every nation and every niche of society.


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